Nuka Bay

"Nuka Bay"

A high school English teacher in search of adventure travels to Alaska to work on a commercial fishing boat and gets more than he bargained for.

An adventure thriller set in a commercial fishing boat off the coast of Alaska, “Nuka Bay” is a cross thematically between “The Perfect Storm” and “Deliverance”. It is the story of Jordan Plumley, a high school teacher who, after a near-death experience, decides to go in search of adventure.


Quarterfinalist: Nicholl Fellowship (sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences).

Semi-Finalist: Shore Scripts Screenwriting Contest.


Jordan passes through a turnstile and walks to the crowded platform. He leans against a wall and listens to music. A few feet away, a group of young men begin jostling each other. Jordan watches impassively at first.

Tempers begin to flare, the group starts shoving each other. Jordan begins to look nervous owing to their proximity.

The hostilities in the group mount, and the shoving becomes more violent. Seeing tensions escalate rapidly, Jordan steps away from the wall and begins to walk away from the group.

A LARGE YOUTH shoves a MEDIUM-SIZED YOUTH hard, causing him to reel backward, straight at Jordan, who has turned his back on them momentarily as he is fleeing the melee.

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