Irish Countryside

"The Third Traveler"

An epic tale spanning three continents and four decades, The Third Traveler is the story of three generations of an Irish family. Opening in Antarctica in 1912, Ciaran Creagh, a young arctic explorer, struggles to return to home base after achieving the South Pole. The story then shifts to County Kerry, Ireland two years earlier where Ciaran’s fiancée, Bridget O’Shea, is beginning to display the signs of pregnancy. The story jumps forward to 1936 where an Irish -American fighter, Davy Boy O’Shea, trains in Hell’s Kitchen for a championship bout. Finally, the story shifts to 1947 where Percy Kelly, a ten-year old boy tormented by bullies, wants nothing more than to have a family and to sail his model ship.

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"Adjacent to the door which led to the dark, cramped locker room hung three heavy bags, all of which were being pounded by fighters. On the opposite side of the room was a small platform covered by an enormous plywood board on which fighters skipped rope and shadowboxed. Along the windowed wall were four speed bags of various sizes, also all in use. The wall opposite that was covered by framed black and white photos of fighters and yellowing fight cards. In the ring, two lightweights sparred. Standing on the ring apron overseeing the action inside the ring was Paddy Byrnes, a small, trim, man in his late thirties with thinning hair and a pair of ears three sizes too large for his head which looked like ragged chew toys."

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